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Boyds Licenses World-Renowned Teddy Bear Artist, Steve Schutt!

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Rupert B. Shutterbear

Rupert B. Shutterbear by Steve Schutt

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Updated August 06, 2003
Gettysburg, Pa., The Boyds Collection Ltd.® is proud to announce its work with renowned bear artists is expanding. We’ve added award-winning artist, Steve Schutt, to our line-up. Many of you may not even realize we have a series of bears called ‘The Artisan Series.’ But, we’re trying to change all that!

The folks at Boyds have been in business since 1979, but it wasn’t until 1984 that we jumped into the bear business. So, we’re not experts (well, on a good day we come close). That’s why the Head Bean called in the ‘big guns,’ the Bear Arteeests who’ve been sewin’ since they were seven and sellin’ their original bears for ‘big bucks’ all over the world. They’ve lowered their standards just enough to let Boyds license and reproduce their designs for the masses of Beanheads who love those ‘Artistic’ styled bears. Currently, we have 6 artists working with us. Jody Battaglia, Pat Murphy, the Out of the Woods artisans—Alan Clark, Judy Davis, and Steve Orique, and our newest licensee, Steve Schutt.

Steve is the newest “Arteest” to join Boyds. He grew up in Clarion, Iowa, and taught art in elementary school for 17 years. In his free time, Steve pursued an interest in puppetry, which ultimately led him to design bears. He made his first bear in 1980. Steve turned to bear-making fulltime in 1988 and, over the past 20 years, has created over 12,000 bears and friends! (Now that’s alotta stitchin’ and stuffin’!) Inspired by his love of bears, Steve co-founded, in 1984, the Iowa Teddy Bear Makers' Guild and organized, in 1990, Clarion’s famous “Teddy Bear Reunion in the Heartland,” a gathering that is now held every five years. Steve is considered one of America’s pioneering teddy bear artists and has been honored for his achievements with Golden Teddy and Artists’ Choice Awards, as well as Toby Award nominations.

Rupert B. Shutterbear is Steve’s first contribution to the Artisan Series. “After working with Boyds in the Clarion Teddy Bear events that we sponsor and meeting several of the people that work for Boyds,” says Steve, “I was proud and excited when Boyds asked me to design a bear for the Artisan Series and become a part of the extended Boyds Family of designers!” Rupert, an antique-style design, is floppy and bean-filled and features tan ultrasuede paw pads and an incorporated red union suite with paw print buttons and “drop seat.” Look for the special Steve Schutt hang tag to know you’ve found this gen-yoo-wine Artisan Series exclusive!

The Boyds Collection Ltd. is the leading designer, importer, and distributor of the world-famous (well, almost) Bears and Hares You Can Trust and other specialty giftware. Boyds sells its products through a large and diverse network of independent retailers, selected catalogue retailers and other electronic and retail channels. Boyds crafts affordably priced, high quality, “Folksy with Attitude” products. And, is one of the largest corporate sponsors of the Starlight Children’s Foundation®. The Boyds Collection Ltd. is based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and is a publicly traded company (NYSE symbol: FOB).

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